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A new Prescribing Safety Assessment examination for medical students, may ensure  graduates since 2016 will be better prepared than many of their predecessors. The GMC guidelines on Medical Education 'Tomorrow's Doctors' had excluded Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics in the 'Integrated Medicine' model of education prefferred since the early 90's.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

 CPD may not currently include the kind of questions students are being asked to prepare for in the Prescribing Safety Assessment on line examination. It would be valuable if GPs could be encouraged to review and even add to the value of the examination, by suggesting more questions to be included.

Drug Safety Updates from MHRA click here for latest update and sign up for pdf of updates.

It is not always easy to keep on top of latest developments concerning patient safety. Black triangles may be suddenly designated for drugs you have been prescribing for years. Warning issued by the FDA, EU or MHRA may be missed.

For psychiatric adverse drug reactions and new advice about support for withdrawal from benzodiazepines, Z drugs and antidepressants, the information may not be easy to find.

APRIL hopes the following information will help you in your endeavours to keep your patients safe from harm.

Articles on ResearchGate may be of value

Clinical data for health professionals information more links

Drug regulator Safety Communications, Warnings and Alerts

FDA Index to drug specific information direct link

UK official government drug safety updates direct link

For a quick check of possible neuropsychiatric adverse effects refer to:

The British Journal of Psychiatry Published bimonthly by The Royal College of PsychiatristsBJPsych Advances offers a distillation of current clinical knowledge, written by expert clinicians to meet the CPD needs of consultant psychiatrists.

Journal includes  information on treatment of psychiatric side-effects
Nora Turjanski, Geoffrey G. Lloyd