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 Katinka Newman

A recently established web site invites stories of stolen lives - Katinka who suffered herself, wrote an excellent book and is collecting experiences of people who suffered due the apparent adverse effects of prescribed drugs.


Dr David Healy

Dr David Healy Professor of Psychological Medicine reveals startling facts about clinical trials and risk of suicide due to ADRs. Comments are encouraged on Dr Healy's blog to keep conversations going about medication-induced suicide.

Dr Healy is  also involved with the setting up of RxISK,

RxISK is a website where patients can report and research the side-effects of drugs they are taking.


Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry

Following the serious adverse reactions suffered by Luke Montagu following too sudden withdrawal from various psychotropic  drugs when he was a patient at the Priory hospital, Luke and his father Lord Sandwich began to investigate the problems. Luke had undergone surgery and a not uncommon reaction following the anaesthetics and drugs used around the time, he became unwell. The resulting prescribing led to his iatrogenic (treatment induced) poor health.

The organisation supported by doctors and psychiatrists, have made headway that led to the British Medical Association for the first time in 40 years, actually saying they will act on the issue of dependence and withdrawal from benzodiazepines and SSRI and similar antidepressants. They agreed to set up a telephone helpline...that was in 2016 we await in anticipation of their actions.


Bob Fiddaman

A blog by Bob Fiddaman, covering the dangers of antidepressant medication, the pharmaceutical industry and medicine regulators.


Ray Nimmo's blog has been a colation of benzodiazepine information founded by a man who suffered himself.


Seroxat Secrets

An independently written blog by a patient prescribed Seroxat who had severe side-effects and withdrawal symptoms whilst taking the drug. The blogger investigates and writes about SSRIs, the pharmaceutical industry and adverse drug reactions from anti-depressants.


Beyond Meds

A blog that describes alternatives to pharmaceutical therapies for depression, bipolar and anxiety. It suggests alternative treatments and withdrawal methods from drugs such as SSRIs and Benzodiazepines.


Julia Schopick

Blog by US Journalist and mental health service user Julia Schopick, in memory of her husband, who provides hard-to-find information to patients, and suggests alternative treatments to patients such as LDN (low-dose naltrexone), a treatment for autoimmune diseases with few known side effects.


Seaneen Molloy: The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

Written by Seaneen Molloy, who is a mental health activist and writer with bipolar disorder.

Her blog was adapted for a play by Louise Ramsden and broadcast on BBC radio 4 May 8 2009

Seaneen's problems appear to have started with the death of her father. Her blog started as a sort of open letter to her father who was an alcoholic. Seaneen believed he would one day recover.

A death that occurs when a relationship is unresolved can be more difficult and lead to more confused and longer lasting confusion and distress than the loss a loved one in a fulfilled relationship.

It can be likened to being on the opposite side of a river to the person you need to be close to, you are about to walk on to that bridge and meet but you are prevented by the death.