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This page contains audio recordings from the APRIL 2004 conference and the recording of a telephone conversation Millie had with the Manchester Coroner's Office in 2004. The acne drug Roaccutane was mentioned.

I have removed the recordings of Cruise to Hell a spoken word performance by Millie Kieve at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019.

The video of this may be viewed on the Events page of this web site.

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Title Author Date Recorded File Size
Medical Education failings (as found by Pharmacologist) Dr John Halliday Presentation 2004 4th November 2004 29.25 MB
Dr John Halliday, a highly commended and respected Senior Lecturer at Guys' King's & St Thomas' School of Medicine Kings College London. He edited a book listing adverse side-effects. My late daughter found and was first realisation what she was suffering from were recognised Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) as in 1995 Patients were not permitted to see this information.
pdf document ADR conf. flyer 4 Nov 04 copy.pdf
Title Author Date Recorded File Size
7. Suicide Prevention Strategy and Prof Louis Appleby fails to warn ADR risks Millie Kieve 20th January 2004 6.46 MB
A day in the APRIL charity office and Millie calls the Manchester Coroner's office as there has been a Roaccutane suicide. Millie is concerned about the reaction of Professor Louis Appleby and why he ommists to warn about medicines causing Akathisia and suicide risk for some people. She wants to know if the MHRA have written to Coroners to warn of the ban on prescribing antidepressants to under 18's. Also mentioned are Dianette and Lariam.
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