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PODCASTS  interviews with Millie Kieve

Geraldine Burns interviews Millie  This interview, Nov 19th 2019, includes mention of Tamiflu, Contraceptive Pill , fluoroquinolone antibiotics and Temazepam.

Radio Essex Dave Monk programme on Mental Health 2004 with Millie Kieve and Martin Seager, pysychologist- includes discussion about the MHRA and regulation of safety of medicines. About medical education. About the Government Health Select Committee Inquiry into the Influences of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Roaccutane, Proton Pump Inhibitors (for acid indigestion). Why doctors prescribe certain drugs - ghost writing.

Health Radio interview

 Millie Kieve about why APRIL was founded  2008 more about Millie's daughter Karen, psychiatric adverse drug reactions to Sulphasalazine, Dianette akathisia and anaesthetics, withdrawal effects, haloperidol. Why don't consultants liase more with GPs? Why do doctors prescribe drugs without warning of dependency? Kemadrin over prescribed. No warning to slowly withdraw Temapazam. Lack of holistic care and review for adverse side-effects. British Library research. How Panorama programme on Seroxat was influenced by the networking at the APRIL conference.

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