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UK 2016

Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry CEP

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ADR (Adverse Drug Reactions) Meetings

Paris January 2014

Prescrire conference at which Millie Kieve presented a talk 

The English Prescrire journal transcript of Millie's talk as a pdf - plus extra data is available on line. is an independent medical journal that reviews the benefit or otherwise of pharmaceutical drugs


London 27 September 2012

Royal Society of Medicine

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

Drugs can be dangerous: Are your patients safe? 


APRIL's own conferences: Links to edited talks  2008, 2004, 2001

A conference we jointly organised with

ADR conference : Following evaluation of patient reporting, the  CONFERENCE was held in London June 24 2011 - at which APRIL organised 'Patient Experience' section and did a poster presentation about Dianette and depression and how we increased patient reporting using the MHRA Yellow Card system.

London 2011

              Adverse Drug Reactions: Is the patient voice loud enough?

Delegates at an international conference (which was poorly publicised!) heard that more needed to be done to raise the profile of the Yellow Card scheme, which allows patients to directly report serious side effects of prescribed medicines that have not previously been included in pharmaceutical product literature.

It followed recent research led by academics at The University of Nottingham, University of Aberdeen, the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU) and Liverpool John Moores University which showed that patient reporting of suspected adverse drugs reactions, or ADRs, through the Yellow Card scheme is richer in detail and better at describing the impact on their daily lives than information supplied by health care professionals.

Nottingham University posted a review of this conference to promote the completion of the Yellow Card Reporting by patients of adverse drug reactions, evaluation.

Everyday medicines can destroy lives gives an account of the hair raising experiences of two families known well to APRIL who kindly agreed to participate in the meeting. No mention in this review of the fact that APRIL organised the patient participation section of this meeting, was not a surprise as the organisers were not well organised the reviewer probably had no information. Publicity had much to be desired and though we recommended accreditation for those attending would attract more delegates, our suggestion was ignored.

However much universities and the Drug Safety Research Unit give lip service to supporting our cause, there is a reluctance to 'come out' in public when criticising pharmaceuticals in any way.

The conference was organised by with patient experience section presented by APRIL - Millie Kieve introduced two volunteer patients who shared their ADR experiences due to Cipro antibiotic and corticosteroids. We also showed the video of Jon Medland speaking about his medical student son's suicide after taking  Roaccutane

The above Conference,  followed the Evaluation by 5 universities of:Patient Yellow Card ADR reporting- published 18 May 2011 by NIHR Health Technology Assessment Prog.

The conference afforded an opportunity to discuss importance of patient voice in reporting Adverse Drug Reactions, and medicines withdrawal problems - and the failings in medical education that has led to shocking statistics from 10 years of official ADR hospital admission statistics to 2010 (as published by the Royal Society of Medicine)

  • Increase in ADR related hospital deaths 10%
  • Emergency admissions in hospitals due to ADRs increased by 76.8% 

Amsterdam 2010


Part 1 of Selling Sickness and promotion of disease to sell drugs

Part 2 of Selling Sickness conference 2010

Part 3 of Selling Sickness conference Amsterdam 2010

supported by the WHO and Dutch Health Authorities at which APRIL presented a Poster The Dianette Story

A conference in Amsterdam October 2010 at which Dr Peter Mansfield who founded 'Healthy Skepticism' and speaks about the untrustworthy pharmaceutical industry in an interview.

Some of the talks are available here  Part one of Selling Sickness and promotion of disease to sell drugs

Concern over the promotion of disease to sell drugs

The talks linked to the following url included one by Meindert Boyson of National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

Millie Kieve asked if NICE could put Benzo and SSRI withdrawal protocols on the NICE web site. (question is at 1.11.22 into the video) She was told this should be possible and hopes it will happen as in the UK there is no NHS support offered to people addicted to prescribed medicines. 

A contibutor to the American Diagnostic Manual (DSM 4) Dr Allen J Francis,  now has many concerns about the over use of made up diseases to promote prescribing of psychotropic drugs, spoke in Amsterdam.

This is a video of Dr Allen J Francis speaking about his concerns about DSM 5