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AKATHISIA & other ADR experiences Antidepressants

AKATHISIA is a recognised adverse side effect and causes extreme agitation:

The Booker Prize winning author of historical novels, Hillary Mantel, in her book ' Giving up the Ghost' about her own life, described the devastating adverse drug reactions (ADRs) she suffered from mind altering drugs prescribed by misguided doctors.

Her physical pains were totally overlooked. Doctors diagnosed stress, instead of her physical ailment endometriosis.

Please hear this reading of the section 4 of her story describing AKATHISA and other disabling ADRs, Free on BBC Radio 4 via their Sounds hear on demand app 

I personally was amazed to hear the episode this morning and felt it of high importance to share the opportunity to hear the reading before it goes off air. I am sure to purchase the book too will be inspired by hearing this episode.

Below is from the BBC SOUNDS web site

In her frank and unflinching portrait of her early years in Derbyshire, and later her adolescence and early 20s, Hilary Mantel moved from writing fiction to seize the copyright in her own narrative. Charting a fractured and sometimes tense family life, the account moves on to her university years and the chronic and devastating pain of an undiagnosed illness. Giving Up The Ghost is the much-loved and admired novelist's memoir, first published in 2003 and repeated here as a tribute to the author who died in September 2022.

'Simply astonishing - clear and true.' Guardian ‘What a remarkable writer she is. She is piercingly, even laceratingly observant … a very startling and daring memoir; the more I read it the more unsettling it becomes.’ Helen Dunmore

Read by Patience Tomlinson Abridged and produced by Jill Waters

Please listen now!

A video that should be seen by anyone who doubts extent of harm that pharmaceutical drugs for mental health conditions may cause some people -

this is about Tardive Akathisia

A short video of the founder of APRIL explaining how AKATHISIA affected her daughter.

We will include excerpts from some of the hundreds of personal experiences told to APRIL eventually.

Some people have informed us the drugs have helped them but the withdrawal is a problem.

For now we will include links to other web sites.

Personal experiences of people taking antidepressants from Oxford based organisation HelathTalk is a link to the withdrawal protocol some find of help.

Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)
If you have suffered psychiatric adverse reactions please report them. There may be side effects not mentioned on the data sheets. You can request a list of drugs used pre surgery and during surgery. You should be given patient information for all drugs prescribed as you are discharged from hospital.

Please report Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) to:

UK Yellow Card Reporting for Patient and Health Professional reports of Adverse Drug Reactions

USA and worldwide to the Food and Drug Administration for Patients and Healthcare Professionals

Universal free, independent drug safety website - Rxisk

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