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"We didn't want her to get pregnant"

The above were the words from the mouth of a Harley Street (non NHS) private dermatologist at the inquest of Angela Lee, who tragically died under a train at Seven Kings Station.

I asked him why he had prescribed Dianette to a girl already taking Roaccutane for acne.

I pointed out Dianette is not licensed as a contraceptive, he did not respond and just turned his back on me and walked away.

The poor vulnerable girl was on 4 drugs linked to suicidal thoughts and actions. - The drugs being Prozac (the Coroner told the jury she was on Fluoxetine and how many would know that is Prozac?) - Zopiclone, Roaccutane and Dianette.

Contraception with the use of pharmaceutical drugs is mind altering and today a mother who is concerned about her daughter's increasingly severe panick attacks, said the same words " We don't want her to get pregnant" when I explained the hormonal implant her daughter has, is well documented to cause 'panic attacks'.

Many women do not realise the changes in mood, depression, panic attacs can all be down to using methods of contraception that alters their mental state.

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