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Medical Education - PowerPoint Presentations by Academics & Doctors

Medical Education has failed for many years to include need for knowldege of preventing iatrogenic (treatment induced harm) from prescribed drugs.

This applies to treatment for illness, prevention of pain, pre and post anaesthesia and during surgery.

Hear the views of the actual situation as it was in 2004 when a senior lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology, spoke at out conference.

Dr John Halliday a highly respected academic presented at our 2004 Conference.

A Senior Lecturer at Guy's, Kings & St Thomas School of Medicine, Kings College London, his presentation is a valuable contribution to understanding why failings in the way medical students learn about pharmacetical therapies, contributes to so much iatrogenic hearm.

The situation is still poor in many medical colleges. A new exam on competence to prescribe is sadly not compulsory and that is in 2022.

So students may qualify as doctors, able to prescribed powerful drugs, with now actual proof of their knowledge. 



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