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Millie Kieve's articles, submissions to Government Inquiries, letters, responses, poster presentation for APRIL. Published in medical journals and national newspapers - and broadcasts.

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Geraldine Burns interviews Millie  This interview, Nov 19th 2019, includes mention of Tamiflu, Contraceptive Pill , fluoroquinolone antibiotics and Temazepam.

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submission of data re Isotretinoin to support MP's and parents' meeting March 7 2018 and a mother who is concerned re the adverse effect of Roaccutane (many generic versions of this acne drug) on her son.

Erectile dysfunction & decreased libido is a problem for some young men who may not wish to disclose this but adverse side-effect has been connected to use of the acne drug Roaccutane (isotretinoin)



Editorial written jointly with Janet Krska, Professor of Pharmacy Practice published in medical journal Prescriber

The role of relatives and friends in antidepressant treatment


Millie Kieve was invited to present a talk at the meeting of French therapeutics journal Prescrire, in Paris. This talk was entitled 'Listening to victim's voices' and published with additional information in both the Prescrire French and English editions of the journal.

Listening to victim's voices pdf

Écouter les voix des victimes pdf


Dianette poster presentation for Selling Sickness Amsterdam conference

The Dianette Story - Adverse Drug Reactions - How Patient Reports Can Contribute to Patient Safety


New Scientist Comment and Analysis article Falling on deaf ears

All Party Parliamentary Drugs Misuse Group  Chaired by Dr Brian Iddon MP.

Inquiry into physical dependence see pages 33 - 34 


Millie Kieve was invited to submit an editorial for the journal Quality in Primary Care and the promised public access has recently been allowed. Though the information is still as relevant, the public access is a few years later than was promised.

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs): a patient perspective on assessment and prevention in primary care


Government Health Select Committee Inquiry into the Influences of the Pharmaceutical Industry

APRIL's submission to UK Health Commitee Inquiry into the Influences of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Link to report of some of the sessions for the Inquiry


Article featured in The Guardian by Millie Kieve about daughter Karen

She told me she had lost her personality

Nurse Prescribing journal comment article by Millie Kieve

The importance of recognising adverse drug reactions


Socialist Health Association invited Millie to speak at a meeting Patients - Consumers - Citizens please scroll down the Socialist Health Assn page for Millie's talk