Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy APRIL

GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – is a new EU law governing data protection, which will supersede the Data Protection Act in 2018.

We have received many stories from the public about adverse drug reactons. We use the experiences people have linked to adverse drug reactions, or following surgery, in our efforts to improve patient safety.

We will never disclose names unles we have permission to do this and anonymise the information in our efforts to create awareness.

We do not pass on your personal details or emails to any other organisation.

We do not pester people who have kindly donated to support the charity, for more funds. We have never shared donors' names with any other organisation and never will.

We do not use knowingly use cookies but cannot speak for other organisations that may be linked to the APRIL web site, as many do use cookies.

APRIL believes privacy is very important and will never share your information, unless you have given permission. We do no marketing of any kind and will never share information for this purpose with any outside body.

We have sometimes put bereaved parents in touch with each other, with their specific agreement. Being in touch with others who have suffered in a similar way is of great comfort for some people.

All the data we have received in letters, emails and via the BBC Action help line when people have called us following relevant programmes is kept safe.

We have used some of the experiences told to us in an anonymised format, in order to convince the authorities to increase warnings on the patient information leaflets (PILs). We hav succeeded in doing this for Dianette and thank all those who trusted us with their often heartbreaking stories.

We do not keep a data base of people to contact and encourage those interested in our work to follow us on Twitter, Researchgate, Linkedin and via our blog and web site.

Data Storage and Data Controller

Currently the only person with access to personal information is the founder of APRIL Mrs Millie Kieve.

Information will be stored for only as long as it is needed and will be disposed of appropriately.

It is APRIL’s responsibility to ensure all personal and company data is non-recoverable from any computer system previously used within the organisation.

We maintain computers in a double locked office in a secure premises with 24 hour security staff.  So there are safeguards to ensure this data is secure under the Data Protection Act.